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Perfect LandingsĀ 

May 4, 2016

The garden was a paradise. Butterflies of various species, colors and sizes leap frogged among the flowers. Following a stroll, I sat down to watch butterflies visiting certain people. 

They were as curious about us as we were of them. One landed on a shy lady’s cutoffs jeans pocket as she walked about. It rested there for a long time then moved to her camisole strap. it looked like she was wearing a corsage. When a few butterflies chose me, I was elated by their perfect landings and time...

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Flavor Love

May 12, 2016

I will always remember the country Georgia nestled between Russia and Turkey for its people, hospitality and beautiful tomatoes.  I was dazzled by the bounty that looked "just picked" at the peak of an Italian summer,

I ate them raw without dressing. I recall that first bite and the burst of flavor heaven. I dunked hearty Georgian bread into a freshly prepared tomato salsa often. In markets I paused to admire them and photograph them. The only thing better was the smoky flavor of freshly...

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May 16, 2016

Gearing up for my middle of the night Horseshoe crab eco adventure as a Citizen Scientist! I learned how to tag, classify crabs and record data about them. I’m participating in a study at Calf Pasture Beach in Connecticut with the Maritime Aquarium and Sacred Heart University.

The study’s objective is to tag 600 horseshoe crabs this mating season and inventory their population to gain insights about them and their environment.

It’s uncommon for me to participate in an outdoor event in the...

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Off the Beaten Track

May 22, 2016

 I love to paint, but I hate the preparation and clean up. When a friend suggested I join her for a Sip and Paint, I warned her that I’m the kind of person who draws outside the lines and likes edgier art, but was up for trying it.  

I learned that it was all about letting go of apprehension, it was about adjusting my pace to keep up with the group or deciding to linger and let them pass me.  It was about accepting what I’ve created and balancing paint brush, wine glass and appetizers. It...

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Car Curiosity

May 29, 2016

My planned destinations were a stop on the Connecticut wine trail followed by a visit to Mohegan Sun Casino for a concert. It was a day to let my curiosity decide where I stopped along the way.

I could feel the muscles on my neck relax as I noticed a red barn-like structure and decided to turn into Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm. It was off-season and my car was the only car parked outside the store. They had an amazing array of artisan cheeses and I bought a few. I learned that I had landed at...

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